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Gutter Cleaning

Wintertime means leaves are falling from the trees and on your roof and ends up in your gutter and let’s face it no one likes a bloke gutter so before that happens, call us for a good old clear out.

Gutter Clean man

Window cleaning

Reach and Wash

The Reach & Wash system allows the windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic poles and a brush.
Using only the best purified water to clean the windows with

Window cleaner

Traditional window cleaning

Window cleaner claim ladder

Good old ladder-and-squeegee cleaning this  method is still the peoples favourite choice for window  cleaning.

Jet Wash 

Jet Wash Man

Over time moss, algae, dirt, and grime build up on all outside surfaces with our jet wash and high pressure  cleaning equipment we can remove all this leaving them all fresh and looking like new.

Block paving will be covered with dry kiln sand and brushed in to refill all joints after this has been jet washed

 Decking can get very slippery with the build up of algae and dirt we can wash this away making it safer to walk on and bringing back the natural colour of the wood. 

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